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For only $1495 you get world-class instruction to start your yoga teacher journey.  Invest in yourself, deepen your yoga practice and share your joy of yoga with others!

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Become a certified yoga teacher with the Joy Yoga University 200 hour yoga certification!

Save time and money by taking your instructor training online.  With Joy Yoga University you can work through the classes and tests at your own pace from anywhere, at anytime.  We are there to support you all along the way to ensure you get the best training available for one affordable price.

Price:  $1495 when you sign up today!

Subjects covered in this course:

  • Anatomy – structure, bones, spine/pelvis, joints, respiratory system, digestive system, nervous system, cardio lymphatic, endocrine system, inflammation.  Also includes Eastern medicine and working with injuries.
  • Philosophy, history and themes – with introduction to Eastern philosophy.
  • Asana – foundations, pose workshops, warm ups, standing and balancing, twists, back bends, arm balances and inversions, restorative poses, forward folds and hip openers.
  • Meditation and Pranayama – body scan, moving meditation, Mantra, Sama Vritti, Kappala Bhati, Bastrika, Nadi Shodana.
  • Teaching Yoga – cueing poses, sequencing, assisting.

Other Features

  • 200 hours of training
  • 75 video lessons
  • 3 one-hour one-to-one mentorship meetings
  • 1 one-hour group training session
  • 200-hour Certified Yoga Instructor (CYT) upon completion of training