4 Fun Places to Practice Yoga

Long gone are the days of practicing yoga only in a studio. Yoga is becoming more and more accessible and allows yogis to bring their practice with them anywhere they please. No yoga studio, no problem. Here are some great places yoga instructors can teach their classes and to squeeze a practice in.

  • The Beach – Who doesn’t love the sand in between their toes, the warm sun on their skin and the sound of waves crashing? More and more beach goers are wanting to squeeze in their zen on vacation. What better way to relax and connect  than to salute the sun on the beach. Many resorts and hotels are now including as a part of their daily activities. So bust out your mat or bring your towel and get your OM on!

  •  The Office- Most people spend more time at work than they do at home. Companies are getting smarter and are understanding the importance of work, life & balance. De-stress and relax your co-workers with some some at-your-desk yoga. Grab a chair and get in some body opening stretches stretches or  guide your group through some reenergizing meditations. Just make sure you clear it with your boss first!

  • Schools- Teachers and students are begging for less stress. What better way to bring some zen to their day than by having a class, before or after school. You can teach a class just for students and or lead one just for staff. No matter which one you do you are guaranteed to bring calming energy to the space.  More and more schools are implementing yoga into their curriculums and education as they do more research on the benefits of a yoga practice.

  • Park – We’ve all seen that group of people doing yoga classes in the middle of a lawn somewhere. Yoga at the park is in and growing. Get connected with your community and  contact your local park about hosting some classes outdoors. This is great to get a whole family out of the house and practicing some yoga on a beautiful day. It’s also a great way to include your pets!

May 30, 2018